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Attention points of aluminium lighting truss during transportation

30/11/21 13:04
Zhan Shi
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The light frame is usually made of aluminum alloy welding because it needs to be loaded. It is light in weight, easy to transport and easy to install, but it is large in size and requires certain protective measures when transporting aluminum lighting truss.
Aluminium lighting truss can generally be packaged in bubble bags, in order to prevent the surface from contacting other sharp objects, and play a role of shock absorption, to ensure that the product will not be damaged during transportation, and do not directly use plastic bags to save trouble When loading the car, the plastic bag has almost no protective effect and is easily worn out, which damages the appearance of the light frame and destroys the coating on the surface. Aluminium lighting truss is generally treated with acid or other anti-oxidation treatments to prevent the aluminum from becoming black and unsightly after oxidation, so be careful not to damage its surface during transportation.
Other related accessories and accessories of aluminium lighting truss are best to be packaged separately and marked on the outside, so that it is not only clear at a glance, but also to avoid loss or mess.
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